Frequently Asked Questions


The main goal is to provide our users with the ability to easily create configuration audit reports of their computer(s) or server(s), because the proper configuration of their systems is crucial to ensuring strong security.

To check the accuracy and quality of our reports you can download sample PDF reports.

Audit Square does security assessments of your Microsoft Windows systems for you.

The assessment is made in two steps:

  • you have to collect configuration metadata from your computers (you'll need Administrator privileges)
  • then Audit Square will process/analyse the data and create an audit report

You can choose pre-defined security baselines (incl. PCIDSS, HIPAA) or create your custom baseline.

Audit Square is not intended for real-time checking of configuration changes, although we fully support periodical assessments (usually monthly/quarterly).

Audit Square is not a replacement for your SIEM (Security information and event management).

The difference is that vulnerability scanning tools are basically trying to remotely attack your device from the outside, in order to find a gap in your configuration, missing patch etc.

Audit Square looks at the configuration of the device from inside. This means we not blindly test known vulnerabilities/exploits; instead, we cautiously export the configuration data which we subsequently analyse. Therefore, in most cases, we have much more accurate information about the assessed system and our reports are less prone to false positives.

As the report generation is not part of the actual scan, you can fine tune the audit report without the need to repeatedly scan the target devices. You can even create multiple reports (using different baselines) from one single scan.

Audit Square has been on the market since 2013. We started as a start-up with the idea of offering a configuration review service to IT professionals. This idea emerged from our two decades of experience in the information security domain - read more about DCIT services.

We presented Audit Square to the public at the RSA Conference 2016 in San Francisco and our skilled team is working constantly on enhancements to our tool.

If you need configuration auditing or a continuous monitoring solution for your Windows servers or desktops, Audit Square is the right tool for you, always ready for testing. You just have to choose the right version, depending on the number of audits required.

There are three basic ways how to do the assessment:

  • Client - single computer assessments
  • Scanner - remotely scan multiple computers
  • Agent - periodically scan multiple computers in your organisation

You can try all of them with our 30-day FREE TRIAL.

In all modes, you start with collecting data from assessed computers. In the next step, the data are uploaded to the Audit Square Portal (in the US or EU data centre) and in a moment, your audit report is ready.

We also offer our users an on-premise version, guaranteeing absolute control over your data during the whole process, as they don't leave your network.

Do you have any other question? Feel free to ask via sales@auditsquare.com