Audit Square CLIENT

What is “Audit Square Client”?

Audit Square Client is one of the options how you use Audit Square solution:

  • The Client is intended for single-computer assessments
  • You need Local Administrator privileges to run Audit Square Client
  • The Client is distributed as single EXE file

How to get it?

Audit Square Client is available for download form Audit Square Portal:

Technical background

The Client:

  • supports Windows 2000, 2003, 2008(R2), 2012(R2), XP, 7, Vista, 8.x, 10 (x86, x86_64)
  • requires approx. 10-20MB disk space

Creating the final audit report comprises of several steps:

  • collecting data by Audit Square Client
  • uploading the collected data to Audit Square portal for processing
  • downloading a report with assessments results

Client step by step

When you start the client you have to confirm the following UAC dialog:

  • Please note that all Audit Square are digitally signed

Next you can choose the mode:

  • ON-LINE - you will be asked for your Audit Square credential
  • OFF-LINE - in this mode the client will only collect data which you have to manually upload to the portal

On-line mode

In the following dialog enter your e-mail and password you have for audit Square portal:

In the main dialogue simply click Start Check

Once the comptuer scanning is complete you will end up like this:

You will find the file in a local follder:

Off-line mode

In off-line mode the main dialog is pretty similar:

You can also see that immediately after upload the report processing has started:

The collected data are in a single file:

The collected data have to be uploaded manually to the portal via WWW interface:

On dashboard simply click Upload audit data

Then you will see processing progress in Audit reports view:

Batch mode

You can also run the Client from command line like this:

C:\sw\asq-client\AuditSquare-PRO-v3.0.2.exe /batch

The client will gather the data and then it will attempt to upload the resulting .rsa file to portal. Note that for this to work, valid token file is necessary besides the client executable.

Or the client may be started like this:

C:\sw\asq-client\AuditSquare-PRO-v3.0.2.exe /batch=C:\sw\asq-client\output-dir
C:\sw\asq-client\AuditSquare-PRO-v3.0.2.exe /batch=+C:\sw\asq-client\output-dir

In this case the gathered data is moved to output directory specified. With the + sign used before the output directory the client will attempt uploading the data to portal as well.